melodrameric (melodrameric) wrote in skinnyfists,

godspeed influenced humor

so my friend and i were laughing and making jokes at this picture of efrim:

and we came up with the following conversation (names edited out):

else: shut up, efrim, ya homeless bum
someone: haha
else: get a job.
someone: it should say "homeless. will work for hope. god bless."
else: hahahaha
else: holding a hammer
someone: hahaha
someone: "lost life savings after investing in what turned out to be faulty schematics of a ruined machine"
else: "will play dead flag blues for food"
someone: haha
else: *sticks out thumb* "ride to providence?"
someone: and then driver is like... "so you look hopeless... d'you think the end of the world is coming?"
else: hahahahaha
someone: and he's like "nah... so says the preacher man... but i don't go by what he says"
else: "...hey, you wanna hear a poem?"
someone: and the driver says ""
someone: and then the driver says "whats your name?"
someone: "bbf3"
someone: ""
someone: and then the driver says "... you're a crazy mother fucker."
someone: so efrim says "that may be... but just remember: motherfucker=redeemer"
someone: ""
else: "looks like your filthy ass has been sleeping on the beach, huh?"
someone: ahahhahahaa
someone: "yeah... i got lost."
else: lol
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