ama chana london producer metropolis (amadeeeep) wrote in skinnyfists,
ama chana london producer metropolis

thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band
"horses in the sky" (cst033 2x180glp/cd)

"we recorded some of it next to a campfire by the river, and the sleepy birds even chirped a little there beneath the moonlit trees; "yes we are oh yes we are thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band"... troubled fingers strive to knit upward ladders, joyously; THESE SONGS ARE STICKY, WORRIED KNOTS--- everyone sang and handclapped too---(we learned to play these songs on the road mostly...)

"THIS IS OUR TORCHED ESTATES" = 6 busted "waltzes" for world wars 4 thru 6, or the sound of our nervous unit collapsing across sing-song eruptions of anxious light and clumsy heat, "mystery&wonder, messy hearts made of thunder," tape recordered at thee mighty hotel2tango for all the GENTLE dreamers to cradle or discard... the politics of it is just love thy neighbour mostly, or heartbroken temper tantrums for grumpy refusers, or saucy anthems for all the stubborn dumbass resistance cadres maybe...(first song's about war and drug addiction, fourth song's about kanada, and the rest of it is all love songs trulytrulytruly...) the indignant critics amongst us should note that as usual there's more questions than answers here, more complaints than solutions, and at times the group singing is a little out of tune; the name of the record is "horses in the sky", and we thank you all for still listening..."


1. dead marines
2. mountains made of steam
3. horses in the sky
4. teddy roosevelt's guns
5. hang on to each other
6. ring them bells (freedom has come and gone)


07 March 2005: Europe LP
21 March 2005: N. America LP
21 March 2005: Europe CD
04 April 2005: N. America CD
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