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Once Again


Does anyone know the name to the song at the end of Nervous, Sad, Poor?

It's right after the outro.
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I'm not sure what part you're exactly talking about, but here you go.

They've dissected it very nicely and that should help you out.
They don't disscet the vinyl, though. This song does not appear on the CD.

In the vinyl version, Nervous, Sad, Poor is Dead Flag Blues Intro, Slow Moving Trains Pt. 1, Cowboy, Slow Moving Trains Pt.2, then Outro, then the namless song I'm looking for.
Oop. Nevermind. Sorry.

"- on the vinyl, moya plays banjo, which part doesn't appear on cd."
No problem.

Deleted comment

Oh most definitely. They're re-printing the vinyl in it's original format with all the extras - a penny flatened by a train, the blueprint for the "faulty schematics of a ruined machine", the equipment list, the printing for the reverend, and the regular booklet that comes with the cd. It's also different music on the record (track-wise) and worth it alone for that, but look at all those goodies!